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transfer your scheme

Changing to Apple Childcare Vouchers is effortless and straightforward. The only aspects of the scheme that will change are that you will now be receiving and paying an invoice from, and to, Apple Childcare Vouchers and of course, the improved level of service you will receive.

  • Your payroll department will be unaffected as they will continue to make the salary reductions that they were previously making.
  • Your employees will be invited to register using an employer ID number, through the simple online registration process.
  • Our scheme and systems are designed to provide simplicity, ease and peace of mind for employees and childcare providers as all vouchers are paid efficiently and effectively.

Apple Childcare Vouchers will do everything possible to ensure your employees are happy with the change and support the whole process.

For more information and to discuss transferring your scheme in more detail, please contact Apple Childcare Vouchers.