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ImagApple Childcare Vouchers is the simple, easy and effective solution to support your parents. By accepting Apple Childcare Vouchers as a method of payment, you are enabling your parents to save up to £933 per annum. This can be achieved as childcare vouchers are exempt from tax and National Insurance.

How the scheme works

Apple Childcare Vouchers are offered by employers to parents as a staff benefit through salary sacrifice. This means that employees agree to reduce their salary in exchange for Apple Childcare Vouchers.

The employer pays the childcare voucher value direct to Apple Childcare Vouchers and once the payment has been received from the employer, Apple Childcare Vouchers will perform one of the following payment options as requested by the parent:

  • Automatic Payments – Apple Childcare Vouchers will automatically pay you directly into your bank account within three working days of receiving the funds from the employer.
  • Internet Payments – The voucher value will be credited to the parents internet account within one working day of receiving the funds from the employer. The parent will be able to log into their account using a username and password to make payments direct to you.
  • Paper or E-mail Vouchers – A paper voucher can be printed or e-mailed and sent to the parent  to present to you. You will then have to redeem the voucher through the online process or by telephone.

To redeem a voucher (click here) to log in or phone 0845 602 9459

Every time Apple Childcare Vouchers make a payment to you it is automatically referenced by our system with the voucher serial number and child name. If you would like to change the reference please contact our customer service team on 0845 602 9459. Every payment is individual, therefore each payment with the required reference will be shown on your bank statement.


In order to accept Apple Childcare Vouchers as payment or part payment, childcare providers must be registered through one of the following:

  • In England - Ofsted, governing body of a school; inspection body for independent schools; a domiciliary worker or nurse from an agency registered under the Domiciliary Care Agencies Regulations 2002; a person approved in accordance with the Tax Credits (Approval of Child Care Providers) Scheme 2005.
  • In Wales - Care Standard Inspectorate for Wales; out-of-school-hours childcare club provided by a school on the school premises or by a Local Authority; a person approved under the Approval of Child Care Providers (Wales) Scheme 2007; a domiciliary worker or nurse from an agency registered under the Domiciliary Care Agencies (Wales) Regulations 2004.
  • In Scotland - The Care Commission for Scotland; childcare provided by or introduced through, childcare agencies, sitter services and nanny agencies which are registered.
  • In Northern Ireland - Health and Services Trust for Northern Ireland; out-of-school-hours childcare, provided by a school on the school premises, or by an Education and Library Board; a person approved under the Tax Credits (Approval of Home Child Care Providers) Scheme (Northern Ireland) 2006.

For further information regarding eligibility click here (link to


Apple Childcare Vouchers understand the importance of marketing the scheme to parents, to help maximise the amount of parents eligible to make savings.

Apple Childcare Vouchers provide a range of marketing material for you use to publicise the scheme within your childcare setting ►